Skills and training
By pooling a large number of experts, HDS spread knowledge, inspire, and engage
to increase the ability of SMEs and public sector to implement and innovate in AI
based service development, cybersecurity and High Performing Computers (HPC).

Access to finance
Partners within HDS have extensive experience in gaining access to soft funding, and a well-established network of investors. The 16 partners include several incubators and innovation offices supporting HDS with different investment activities.   

Access to innovation ecosystem and network
HDS innovation ecosystem refers to an interconnected network of different actors, all of whom contribute to a flow of information, knowledge, and resources to co-develop capabilities around health data. HDS is an open ecosystem where partners, public and private sectors and citizens interact, including the network with other EDIHs in Europe.

Test before invest
HDS offer test services related to digital health services, related to AI and health data. This enables test of digital health services beyond the need for effective development with more tailored services that create value for the organisation and the individual.

Health Data Development
By optimising accessibility of health data for SMEs, research, and public sector, HDS will attain similar levels of access in all regions and for international regions through knowledge transfer. 
HDS conducts a comprehensive survey of companies offering health data as services and products, and explore data transfer between industry and research, to simplify/accelerate the process from innovation to finished product.

HDS is the one-stop-shop for
acceleration of digital transformation in health data 
for SME’s and the public sector,
using key technologies.